2014   Correctional Fluid  Salon Refu  Olympia, WA
            Whiteout Privilege  Flatcolor Gallery  Seattle, WA
            Whiteout Privilege 2  Stable Gallery  Olympia, WA
            The Well of Eternal Rose House   Stable Gallery  Olympia, WA
            Gridlord  Las  Cruxes  Austin, TX
2013   I Love America and America Loves Me( site specific installation)  Tony’s Variety  Olympia, WA
            Jazz Matrix  The Haul Gallery   Olympia, WA
            Galaxy Ceiling (site specific installation)  Psychic Sister  Olympia, WA
2012   American Dreamer Flat Color Gallery  Seattle, WA
            1000 Chrome Windows( site specific installation)   Las Cruxes   Austin, TX
2011   Ultimate Alternative Wavers  Northern Gallery Olympia, WA
2010   Use Your Illusion 3 (site specific installation)  Fulcrum Gallery  Tacoma, WA
            Altered States     Northern Gallery  Olympia, WA
            4 Patterns   Capitol Theater  Olympia, WA
2009   Seattle Super Sonics ( site specific installation)  Half and Half Cafe  Portland, OR
             I Love You(site specific installation)    Capitol Theater   Olympia, WA
2008   Zaggin’ 4 Life( site specific installation)  Le Voyeur    Olympia, WA
2007   Puget Sounds    SOIL Gallery   Seattle, WA
2006   White Haze     VU Gallery      Bellingham, WA
2005   Pat Pharm    Department of Safety, Anacortes, WA
            Meta Pyramid   Department of Safety, Anacortes, WA
2015  4 Artists  Org Support Building  Olympia, WA
2014  Vibrations Festival (site specific installation) Seattle, WA
Fantasia2014 (site specific installation)  Rhinoceropolis  Denver, CO
Over 30   Prism,  Seattle, WA
2013   Ravin’ Ravens  Bard Studios   Denver, CO
            Associations Nelson Street Gallery  Atlanta, GA
           Dark Entries( site specific installation)  The In  Seattle, WA
            Biltz Art Fair (site specific installation)  The In Seattle, WA
           Olympia International Art Festival  Northern Gallery,  Olympia, WA
           Summer Jam Arts  The Mansion  Olympia, WA
          Vigil   LOVECITYLOVE Gallery  Seattle, WA
2012  Pull Trigger   DOMY Books  Austin, TX
           Site Specific Installation  REUNION  Portland, OR
2011  Round Trip   Flatcolor Gallery  Seattle, WA
           Nature of the Beast   Flatcolor Gallery    Seattle, WA
           Hey Folks We Made It!  Northern Gallery  Olympia, WA
          Battle Hearts    VU Gallery, Bellingham, WA
          Hanging Out…  Northern Gallery  Olympia, WA
2010  Monster Show 5 DOMY Books  Austin, TX
          The Return    Ghosttown Gallery Olympia, WA
2009  Collider  (site specific installation) Northern Gallery   Olympia, WA
2008  Free For All  The Helm Gallery   Tacoma, WA
2007  Gold is the Metal  Stairwell Gallery  Providence, RI
           Benefit Auction  Greg Kucera Gallery  Seattle, WA
           Art Basel Miami   Small A Projects   Miami, FL
2006  Eager Believers  Orphange Gallery Los Angeles, CA
           Working in a Coal Mine  Small A Projects  Portland, OR
          Bold Crystals From Nu Keva  Stairwell Gallery  Providence, RI
2015  Habitual Building  Denver, CO
Artesian Well Commons Area  Olympia, WA
2014   Wazee Union Building  Denver, CO
More Looser Collective  Oswaldo’s Hair Salon,  South Seattle, WA
2013  Trayvon’s Rainbow  Northern Gallery  Olympia, WA
           The Source   The Black Lodge  Seattle, WA
2012  Nirvana For Ana  2nd Ave. Seattle, WA
           Freak Flag  2nd Ave. Seattle, Wa
2006  Pat Pharm Tapestry  Dumpster Values  Olympia, WA
2006  White Boss  Jupiter Art Fair Portland, OR
           White Boss  Small A Projects  Portland, OR
2007 Stairwell Gallery  Providence, RI
2011 The Evergreen State College
2006 Western Washington University
The Evergreen State College | BA 2004